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Posted On: 22 May, 2010 में

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The day I reborn…
Reborn by adding pluses and deducting minuses
With so many smiles and silences
Some accepted me heartly but some denied
So many replied happily, but
some are there with no reply…
The day I…

The day I reborn,I took a stand to fight again
To achieve that success, which was remain
Came across through loses, looking for some gain
Want to live healthy, cause already suffered the pain…
The day I…

The day I reborn,
Want some colours to colour, and and wings to fly
Want to fill the patches of this broken sky
Want to live again, and not to die
Want to leave the path of hue and cry…
The day I…
The day I reborn,
I thought, everything will be right by now
No questions will be raised as what, why or how
No sadness, no failures, no health probs and no problems to tackle more
Now my path will be just “WOW”…

But that was only a thought…

The day I…

the day I reborn…


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sumityadav के द्वारा
June 18, 2010

good work Pooja, keep it going on. nice poem defining the ups and downs of life

    Rosalinda के द्वारा
    July 12, 2016

    Imiresspve brain power at work! Great answer!

POOJA... के द्वारा
May 24, 2010

thank you so much Sanjeev…

sanjeev के द्वारा
May 24, 2010

good thought.
its awesom

    Lyzbeth के द्वारा
    July 12, 2016

    I just hope whveeor writes these keeps writing more!

POOJA... के द्वारा
May 22, 2010

Hey Ankur… thank you so much…

    Kalie के द्वारा
    July 12, 2016

    now that the topic is on..i need to get this out of my system! WHY are no-cecisnne people not eligible to take the patent agent exam? Practice is definitely the key to good patent drafting but it also requires something more than just a science degree. some ppl are just good at playing with words! there have been famous patent attorneys who dont hv a formal science education. I think there shd be some mechanism at the Indian Patent Office to let people, who are genuinely keen to do patent law, take the patent bar.

Ankur के द्वारा
May 22, 2010

Hey Pooja.. Very nice..

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